Snore Earset E4

Snoring intervention for peaceful sleep

Snore recognition technology | 36 levels of smart intervention |
Sleep analysis | Food-grade silicone


How does Snore Circle work?

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  • Why you snore

    Snoring is mainly caused by the narrowing of the airway due to the muscles of the throat relaxing when you sleep.

    This causes the vocal cords to vibrate and the snorer to enter a state of hypoxia.

  • How it works

    By using snore recognition technology, the device accurately detects snoring and intervenes by emitting gentle micro vibrations (36 levels ranging from weak to strong).

    The brain responds by driving the muscles of the throat to contract and open the airway.

    This allows you to breathe smoothly, so that you stop snoring or snore less and ultimately sleep better.

Test data analysis

Medical test results show that the Snore Earset E4 plays an important role in reducing snoring,

improving quality of sleep, and reducing sleep apnea!

  • Frequent, loud snoring without the device
  • Obvious effects after just one night
  • Snoring stops or is reduced after a week or so

Accurate snore recognition

The Snore Earset E4 combines advanced snore recognition technology and an innovative anti-snoring algorithm to accurately detect and stop snoring.

36 levels of intervention

The Snore Earset E4 features 36 levels of intervention to automatically respond to different levels of snoring.

The intensity can also be adjusted through the Sleeplus app to suit mild, moderate, and severe snorers.

* This page is from the Sleeplus app

Easy to use
Convenient for senior users

Sleeplus app

Understand your snoring

Data acquisition & analysis | Snore recording & sleep analysis | Meditative sleep aid audio

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Classic design for peaceful sleep

Simple yet high-tech, Snore Circle combines the power of technology with the beauty of life. Thanks to the continuous improvement of advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, users can enjoy a healthy and peaceful night's sleep.

The beauty of Snore Circle lies in technology, health, and silence.

Product parameters

Snore Earset E4

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Model: YA1323
Dimensions: 46.9mm * 57.2mm * 12.9mm
Weight: 11.6g
Color: Black
Patent no: ZL 2013 1 0592276.9
Material Oberseite: Food-grade silicone
Device compatibility: iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above
Battery capacity: 37V/80mAh
What's in the box\Package contents: Snore Earset E4 x1 、Charging cable x1、User manual x1、Quick start guide x1