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VVFLY Smart Snore Stopper FAQs.

  • Q1. Does the snore stopper have to be connected to my phone?

    AThe device can be used alone. Data will be automatically saved without needing to connect to Bluetooth. In the morning, simply open the app and sync the previous night's data via Bluetooth.
  • Q2. How do I wear it?

    A Instructions on how to wear the device are included in the user manual provided with the product. Please follow the instructions and diagram provided. Log in to VVFLY's official website and click Support to watch the product guide video.
  • Q3. How long until I see results?

    AYou will experience the effects on the first night of use, but we recommend using it for more than a week for the best results.
  • Q4. How do I sync data?

    ATurn on the device and enable Bluetooth on your phone. Open the Sleeplus app and bind your device (instructions on binding are provided when you first download the app). Your device may be used normally once successfully bound. After using the device, simply press the power switch to sync and upload data to the app. You can then view your snore report generated by the app.
  • Q5. What causes snoring?

    ASnoring is caused by the narrow airways of the nose and throat, resulting in poor airflow and therefore snoring at night. There are many reasons for the narrowing of the airway, one of the most important of which is the relaxation of the respiratory muscles.
  • Q6. Is the device harmful to the human body?

    AThe device does no harm to the human body because it uses purely physical intervention. It is worn only while sleeping and works automatically once started without the need to enable Bluetooth. Users may rest assured.
  • Q7. Can the snore stopper treat snoring?

    ASnoring cannot be cured altogether. The main function of the device is to inhibit users from snoring or to reduce the snoring frequency and noise, as well as reduce the impact on the user and other people. Because the severity of snoring varies according to each person, the effectiveness of our products also varies from person to person. Our products have already been used by over 300,000 people. We believe our products can help you with your snoring!
  • Q8. My question is not here. Who can I contact?

    APlease send an email to and our support staff will be happy to help you.
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