EZ Sleep

3D blackout design

Sleep comfortably anytime, anywhere

3D design | 100% blackout | Soft & comfortable | Lightweight & portable


Simple yet efficient

The EZ Sleep Eye Mask is ergonomically designed with soft, contoured material to block out all light,

allowing you to relax, unwind, and sleep peacefully.

EZ Sleep

Relax & unwind

in total darkness

100% blackout design

The absence of light sends a key signal to the body that it is time to rest.

Your body produces more serotonin and melatonin in the dark,

which helps promote sleep.

3D contoured

Pressure is evenly dispersed around the eyes to ensure greater comfort

and no damage to eye makeup.

Ergonomic design

Perfectly designed to fit the contours of your face,

the EZ Sleep Eye Mask blocks out all light to promote restful sleep.


High-quality nylon/polyurethane material provides unprecedented

comfort as you sleep.

adjustable strap

The strap can be easily adjusted to suit all sizes

and levels of comfort.

Relax anytime, anywhere

Ideal for use at work, home, or while traveling.

100% blackout material

Blackout material promotes relaxation and helps you sleep better.

Product parameters

EZ Sleep

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Model: YS01
Dimensions: 235mm * 83mm * 26mm
Weight: 20.7g
Color: Black
Performance standard: FZ/7 82006-2018
Material: 82% nylon,18% polyurethane
Safety standard : GB18401-2010B Class
Product size: Middle
Package contents: EZ Sleep*1