Smart Snoring Mask

Comfortable and lightproof

Bone conduction technology|36 levels of smart intervention|Ergonomic design|Multiple usage scenarios


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How it works

Advanced sound recognition and bone conduction technologies

The Anti-Snoring Eye Mask uses advanced sound recognition and bone conduction technologies to accurately recognize snoring. Upon successful recognition, the device emits micro vibrations in the form of 36 levels of physical intervention (from weak to strong). Intervention is quick so as not to affect the user's sleep but still effectively stop or reduce snoring and improve the user's quality of sleep!


Intensity of intervention

Smart physical intervention

Changes to snoring after a period of use

Upon monitoring snoring, the device will physically intervene by emitting 36 levels of micro

vibrations (from weak to strong), which alter the user's snoring intensity or frequency.

  • Snoring before use

    Sound waves are significantly larger when the snore

    stopper is not used, indicating heavy snoring.

  • Snoring after use

    After wearing the eye mask, micro vibrations are conducted through the user's

    bones to maintain smooth breathing and thereby stop or reduce snoring altogether.

Soft and comfortable to wear

he eye mask is ergonomically designed and made of high-density,

soft and odorless material for a comfortable fit.

3D contoured shaping and lightproof

Treat your eyes to a spa with an unprecedented level of comfort to make you forget all your troubles.


All-new experience allows you to better understand your snoring

Data acquisition and snore analysis | Sleep recording and quality analysis | Meditative sleep aid audio

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Fixed plate, Inner plate, On/Off switch, USb, Shell, Battery, Circuit board, Front panel

Product parameters

Smart Snoring Mask

Model: YA3100
Dimensions: 235mm * 83mm * 26mm
Weight: 38g
Color: Black
Patent No: ZL 2013 1 0592276.9
Material: ABS/PC + Acrylic + Ecological high-density sponge
Mobile compatibility: iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above
Battery capacity: 2 nights of use with just 2 hours of charge
Package contents: Product x1, Charging cable x1, User manual x1