Smart Electronic Muscle
Stimulator Pro(YA4200)

Farewell Snoring, Quiet Sleeping

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Fully auto    Quiet sleep

Updated Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus. Based on our exclusive algorithm, its high-performance sensor will transmit pulse interventions

automatically to improve the tension of throat muscle and stop snoring. Ensure a comfortable and quiet night for you and your family.

How It Works

With a built-in professional medical sensor,it can intelligently monitor the skin surface movement and snoring data.

By using the independent research and development of AI algorithm,

it can accurately identify the movement and send out medium frequency pulses for intervention,

so as to make the throat muscles contract, restore normal breathing, improve the blood oxygen volume,

and enable you to stop or reduce snoring and sleep healthily.

Throat airway is narrowed while snoring

The product will intervene by tensioning throat muscles for unhindered breath

High-performance sensor   Fast recognition in 0.2 sec

Based on our exclusive algorithm, the high-performance sensor can learn from your snoring data to tailor your snoring model with automatic

comparison, greatly improve the accuracy of snoring recognition and the rate of stopping snore.

Double pulse automatic intervention allows you to breathe easily

It uses TENS + EMA double pulse technology to automatically implement the intervention from weak to strong

according to the user's own situation; by improving the muscle tension of throat,

nd restoring smooth breathing, it let you unconsciously stop or reduce snoring, apnea and get healthy sleep.

Stop snoring and enjoy healthy sleep

noring is a sign of sleep apnea, which will not only reduce your partner's sleep quality,but also affect your health.

It can safely stimulate the muscles under the chin with EMA + TENS technology so as to quickly and effectively relieve your snoring and obstructive apnea

Enjoy a sound and quiet sleep, so that you are refreshed and energetic after waking up!

Sleeplus app

All-new experience allows you to better understand your snoring

Data acquisition and snore analysis | Sleep recording and quality analysis | Meditative sleep aid audio

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Simple operation,just a key to start or stop

Small and light, easy to avoid snoring embarrassment

Magnetic charging, convenient and practical

Medical electrode, safe and healthy

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Smooth breathing and quiet sleep

I hope our products can help you and bring you healthy and high-quality sleep

Product parameters

Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator Pro(YA4200)

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Model: YA4200
Dimensions: 40.8mm*25.6mm*15.0mm
Weight: 11.6g
Color: Champagne gold
Patent no.: ZL 2013 1 0592276.9
Material: ABS+PC
Device compatibi: iOS 9.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above
Battery capacity: 3.8V/130mAh
Medium frequency: 8KHz+-10% / 3-8KHz+-10%
Modulated frequency: 15Hz+-10%
Working duration: About 15 hours
Packing list: One host, one charging cradle, one product manual, one quick start guide, one charging data line and 10 electrodes